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Teoria Aukcji -- podstawowe formaty aukcji

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Wersja polska 0.9

Public Goods PL PME 2024 marzec

Projekt zaliczeniowy Darii i Kacpra - v2

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The Kelly criterion 0.92 [The asynchronous investment game]

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AUCTIONS FORMATS v 0.85 [Example of a synchronous experiment]

Testing of different formats of auctions.

Try to fool the tax officer (Example of a simple poll)

A simple pool to test the Benford Law (see

Szczepinka; kontrakt los na loterii wersja EN

English version

The Kelly criterion 0.9 [The synchronous investment game]

This experiment is an investment game in which you play against nature and not against others. It is therefore an asynchronous expert, and you can approach this experiment as many times as you like. Just log in again on the experiment website and add the number of the next attempt to the login.

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